Friday, August 20, 2010

What Is On My Desk

I decided to figure out exactly what is on my desk. It hasn't been picked up in a while, so I'm not  really sure.

1) Two or three hairbrushes*
2) Two metal water bottles**
3) Two Plastic water bottle*
4) A bag of Doritos*
5) My flute
6) Sheet music
7) Capri Sun pouches*
8) A pair of scissors*
9) A Macy's catalogue*
10) A Webkinz figurine*
11) A broken calculator*
12) A Build-A-Bear Workshop coupon*

*Not mine
**One of which is mine

I'm serious. These are just the things that I can see (I don't feel like moving), and don't belong here. There's also countless books, papers, and untyped stories. I really need to clean up this desk.

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