Thursday, August 19, 2010


Never, I repeat, NEVER drink an entire large soda from the movies...just don't. This is what happens:

1) The Movie ends
2) You realize just how badly you need to pee
3) You run to the bathroom and collide with a friend who also drank as much as you because the damn door won't open
4) It takes you a few minutes to find a clean stall, so you start to wonder if running to the bathroom did you any good at all
5) You wait in the lobby for half an hour because the person driving you home hasn't gotten out of their movie yet
6) When said person gets out of the theater, they find you and your friend curled up on the ground because your stomach hurts

I know this from experience.
And this is also how "the best bad decision we ever made" turns into"the worst bad decision we ever made".

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